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Legacy First Dev

Legacy First Development Group


Thoughtful Property Acquisition and Development


Wide-ranging Consulting Services to Public & Private Sector Entities


Investment in Human Capital – Skills Building & Employment

Buliding your

Building Your Community. Building Your Legacy.

Legacy First Development Group is committed to creating market-focused, sustainable living and working spaces that are designed to transform communities. Our team has a deep understanding of affordable and market-rate housing and the flexible commercial development landscape, and we offer comprehensive consulting services to help our partners achieve their goals.

Legacy First Development Group Services


Design, Construction, & Property Management Services

Thoughtful Property Acquisition and Development. Quality, Accessible Housing, & Versatile Commercial Spaces. Holistic & Collaborative Offering of Services.


Consulting / Advisory Services

Wide-ranging Development Consulting Services to Public and Private Sector Entities. Inclusive and Vibrant Community & Economic Engagement. Integration of Public and Private Resources.


Workforce Development Services

Investment in Human Capital – Skills Building and Employment. Resource Aggregation and Integration – Public and Private. Educate and Train Individuals in Order to Maintain Economic Sustainability.

LFDG - Our Expertise is the Value-Added Differentiator

Where Two Centuries of Expertise Meets Value Creation and Innovation

Real Estate Development & Construction

Workforce Development

Finance & Business Operations

Community Planning & Economic Development